ALttP Randomizer Hints Explained

in more detail than you thought you needed

by arborelia (follow me on Twitch)

Last updated on 2018-11-03, for v30.2

The hints in ALttP Randomizer (also called "ALttPR", "Zelda 3 Rando", or "Z3R") are cute, but you might not always know what they mean, and some of them provide more information than they sound like in subtle ways.

Hints are found on the "telepathic tiles" that provided hints in the original game. This doc by Merc249 shows you where the hint tiles are located.

This is too long, just tell me the surprising things

Useless hints

Some hints are just there to waste your time. The completely meaningless hints are in green text and have a trolly Link face on them. They say things like "There's money in the banana stand" or "10th enemy has the bomb".

Pay no further attention to these.


First some place names that the rando community uses, which you should know:

Hints that tell you where an item is can describe one or more places. Some of these may be pretty obvious, I'm just reassuring you that they're not a trick.

Locations can be described as requirements instead, such as "Fire rod requires the hammer". This doesn't refer to the specific logic of the seed. "requires the hammer" is still just a particular list of places, as you'll see below.


Many hints about items just name the item. Here are the ones that aren't 100% clear:


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